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Picking a health plan happens only once a year. Make it count. Picking a health plan happens only once a year. Make it count.

This year pick a plan with more ways to save all year long.

With plans from UnitedHealthcare, you can count on finding easier ways to manage your costs and save throughout the year. You'll experience the convenience of digital health plan ID cards, find quality care and get access to tools that help you find network doctors, clinics and hospitals quickly and easily. Here's how to get started with picking a plan that helps you stay on top of your costs and much more.

5 ways to pick a health plan that can help you save more.

When you're choosing a UnitedHealthcare plan, you can use the provider directory to see if your doctor is in the network for a plan. Choosing a doctor in the network may help keep costs lower than they would be for out-of-network doctors.

View the Provider Directory.

Think about your medical needs for the year. Do you take medications regularly? Are you planning on having surgery? Do you see a doctor regularly? Are you planning to have a baby? Asking these questions can help you choose a plan that may help you save more.

There are usually two types:
Traditional copay usually has a higher monthly cost with a lower set cost for doctor visits.
High-deductible usually has a lower monthly cost, but higher out-of-pocket cost for services.

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Compare health plan options.

Certain words may have an impact on your costs like copays, premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket costs and more. It's important to understand what everything means before you choose a plan. Here's some help to explain what certain cost terms mean.

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Understanding health terms

Find out the benefits in each plan and how they work. For example, can you use Virtual Visits? Get a digital health plan ID card? Get personalized support, services and programs? Will the benefits help you control your costs and be the healthiest you possible?

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All about plan benefits

Plan ahead and see how you can help save by estimating your potential costs using this handy health costs worksheet.

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All about plan benefits.
Understanding health terms

Taking these steps can help you find a health plan that works for you.

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