Pick a plan with more ways to help you save.

With plans from UnitedHealthcare, you can find easier ways to help manage your costs and care throughout the year. That includes helping you understand what costs to expect and how to get the coverage you need. Explore each of the topics below to help you choose a health plan.

UnitedHealthcare helps you balance cost and coverage.

Find out how UnitedHealthcare plans offer more options to access care and simpler tools to help you manage your plan.

Choosing UnitedHealthcare

3 things to consider before you pick a plan.

Checklist to Pick a Plan

Health insurance made easier.

How to understand what’s covered.

Identify the coverage you'll need for the year.

Understanding Coverage

Cost sharing explained.

Know how your plan will share costs with you.

Sharing Costs

Terms to know when you're picking a plan.

How to talk the talk—and understand what it means for you. To make it easier, here’s a list of common terms and what they mean.­­

Terms to Know

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