Video Transcript: OptumRX Overview

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Behind every prescription, more than 150,000 people work every day to develop stronger technologies and sharper analytics that connect billions of member-specific pharmacy, medical, and other health data points.

This wealth of information reveals timely insights and opportunities to address health risks,

[address health risks]

capture cost savings,

[capture cost savings]

And manage total cost of care.

[manage total cost of care]

It empowers doctors and patients to make the most informed pharmacy and overall care decisions.

Enables us to tackle trends and pinpoint solutions on behalf of plan sponsors, and simplifies the system so consumers can effectively navigate their prescriptions and all their health-related needs.

All for lower pharmacy and medical costs

[9-14% drop in specialty drug spending]

[$11-16 per member per month medical savings]

 and better health outcomes.

 The data, technology, and people behind every prescription.

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